Covid has already had a huge impact on peoples lives the world over. That is apparent! What is not so clear is how it will effect peoples lives in coming times.

Many people have been working from home. This shift changes the employer/employee perspective. It means any job that can be done from home can be done from anywhere in the world. Which leads to the situation of employers being able to hire people to do the work at the cheapest rate. It means ,if you are from a high wage country, you might have to try to out-price poorer more needy(& equally competent) workers.

This shift has not happened in an obvious way yet. But….

Corporations/businesses will always go for the cheap option(I don’t care to back this up with statistics or references. The evidence is obvious.). The workers are just another resource for them to take advantage of; especially if it can keep them feeling doubtful of their position & at odds with each other. It is a system built on competition after all.

How will such a change effect the workforce over time? Early, local influences should be a bit obvious but in the long term & on the world scale how will lifestyle evolve for us?

This is the starting point for the Move Freely discussion. Any sincere comments & ideas are greatly appreciated. Feel free to start new dialogues as long as they are keeping with a Move Freely aspect.



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